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10.9 °C 10.8 °C 11.6 °C 11.2 °C
Air Temp.
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Air Temp. min
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Air Temp. max
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Air Temp. average
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0.0 mm 0.0 mm/h None
Precipitation Quantity
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Precipitation Intensity
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Precipitation Type
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9.1 m/s 13.9 m/s 11.26 m/s 184.7 ° Wind Direction
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Wind Speed
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Wind Speed max
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Wind Speed average
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Wind Direction
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75 % 951.3 hPa
Relative humidity
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Absolute air pressure
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This web portal provides an opportunity for public access and visualization of measurement data from the weather station located in the “Ada tepe” area. The displayed values are for the last hour. The displayed wind direction is for the last five minutes. "

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Measurements for 2021-01-25
Time Air Temp. Prec. Quantity Prec. Intensity Prec. Type Wind Speed Wind Direction Rel. Humidity Abs. air pressure
2021-01-25 02:15:0010.90.00.0None9.1184.775951.3
2021-01-25 02:10:0010.80.00.0Rain9.1198.375951.4
2021-01-25 02:05:0010.80.00.0None8.4205.675951.4
2021-01-25 02:00:0011.10.00.0None12.7180.273951.4
2021-01-25 01:55:0010.90.00.0None12.1180.277951.4
2021-01-25 01:50:0010.90.00.0Rain10.7184.779951.3
2021-01-25 01:45:0011.20.00.1Rain13.9186.176951.4
2021-01-25 01:40:0011.30.10.0Rain11.7177.476951.5
2021-01-25 01:35:0011.50.12.6Rain11.7175.474951.6
2021-01-25 01:30:0011.60.00.3Rain13.7175.673951.6
2021-01-25 01:25:0011.50.00.0None11.5180.673951.7
2021-01-25 01:20:0011.50.00.0Rain10.5178.774951.8
2021-01-25 01:15:0011.50.00.1Rain11.7199.574951.9
2021-01-25 01:10:0011.30.00.0Rain8.8174.276952.3
2021-01-25 01:05:0011.20.00.0Rain9.4174.976952.4
2021-01-25 01:00:0011.20.00.0Rain9.0177.276952.5
2021-01-25 00:55:0011.20.00.0Rain11.6185.576952.4
2021-01-25 00:50:0011.00.10.4Rain10.4180.777952.5
2021-01-25 00:45:0010.70.00.0Rain9.0178.079952.6
2021-01-25 00:40:0010.80.10.9Rain7.7175.279952.6
2021-01-25 00:35:0011.10.00.1Rain8.1169.378952.6
2021-01-25 00:30:0011.00.10.3Rain8.7166.878952.8
2021-01-25 00:25:0010.80.00.0None7.4178.877953.0
2021-01-25 00:20:0010.80.00.0None8.9178.476953.1
2021-01-25 00:15:0010.80.00.0Rain8.5177.677953.2
2021-01-25 00:10:0010.80.00.0None9.7170.677953.3
2021-01-25 00:05:0010.80.00.0None9.0178.077953.3
2021-01-25 00:00:0010.60.00.0None8.7166.278953.5